The bank that closed the account and took the money of the Hertiage Trust that is raising money for restoration works





Jes Staley


JES STALEY - No, we will not make you a sensible offer. We will not re-instate you bank account and we will keep hold of the money we took from that account, even though you have requested that we put you back into the condition that you were before we violated our contract with you and your Human Rights.



It is alleged that Barclays Bank are refusing to put the ....



Herstmonceux Science Museum in East Sussex, Observatory, Lime Park


HERSTMONCEUX MUSEUM - Is a monument to the early electrical generating age. It is alleged that a publication was all set to raise money to make repairs to this building, but that Barclays Bank closed the account that they knew was to receive the earnings from Kindle and the like.


The income from the publication would have paid for a new roof to replace the rusty section on the left. Barclays Bank, could then be seen as responsible for allowing this unique building to rot away. Is that indicative of anything?



John McFarlane


JOHN MCFARLANE - In 2014 Barclays turned to John McFarlane to rebuild its relationship with shareholders, appointing the Scottish-born banker as its chairman.

McFarlane replaces Sir David Walker, who was parachuted into the bank during the Libor rigging crisis in 2012. The appointment triggered boardroom changes at the other companies McFarlane chaired, including the insurer Aviva.

A high-profile figure in Australian banking circles in the runup to the banking crisis, McFarlane was picked by Aviva to shore up its reputation during the 2012 shareholder spring. The insurer has now replaced the 67-year-old with City veteran Sir Adrian Montague.

Mr McFarlane is party to the refusal to make any kind of reasonable offer to settle this outstanding matter. The bank, that is already part of a price rigging scandal and other revelations that should means more sackings, is playing pass the parcel, hoping to tire the Trust into giving up their rightful claim to re-instatement and compensation for all the harm they have caused. Banking is supposed to help people. Every person and organisation has a right to a bank account, but banks are only interested in making money from accounts to furnish their lavish lifestyles. Why anyone would want to invest in an institution that acts this way is beyond us!


Should Mr McFarlane or Mr Staley wish to comment on this article or the allegations that are leveled against them. we would be pleased to hear from them directly and to publish what they have to say.




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WARNING - Be careful who you bank with, your account might be closed on the whim of the management. As this case demonstrates, the bank shows little remorse - and basically tramp all over the little man. This webpage is protected by Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998, with reference to the European Convention of Basic Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.




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