PLASTIC OCEAN WASTE - It is not just the smaller marine animals that suffer from man's activities on the oceans, humpback whales, dolphins and sharks all fall foul of plastic waste in one form or another.



Cleaner oceans project team member, Terry Valeriano - Pilot


CLEANER OCEANS PROJECT - Terry is the pilot who tests out drone scouts (quad and helicopters) and gives the SeaVax Team some superb aerial footage of their robot ocean cleaning 'proof of concept' model in the process. Pioneering research by Bluebird Marine Systems is helping to lay the foundations for sustainable merchant fleets, cruise liners and plastic ocean cleaning ships of the future. Cleaning up the oceans of the world is a mammoth task, for which - the team need your support. You can some examples of the carnage that we are causing in the pictures below - and remember that the SeaVax robot ships are designed to shred abandoned fishing nets, without harming any living animals within.



ABB - Netherlands fast charge EV station network

Acid oceans - Dissolved carbon dioxide and global warming

Across the Lake - Anthony Hopkins as Donald Campbell

Adriatic Sea - tourism and pollution

Air quality - transport pollution and cancer

Aircraft Carriers - USS Gerald R Ford - Nimitz - HMS QE - Drone

African Queen - Boat restoration project

Agfa Bluebird - Hydroplane and Offshore powerboats

AIS - Automatic Identification System for ships

American Council on Renewable Energy - ACORE

American Express - Blue & Bluebird cards

Andy Green - JCB Diesel Max

Arctic Ocean - Bering Sea & Aleutian Islands

Argentine Navy, Republic Armada

Atlantic Ocean - SprinterAtlantOS 

Aussie Invader - Rosco McGlashen

Australian Maritime College - AMC - Cannonball Run

Autonomous EV charging station - Future transportation

Autonomous SWASH robot ship - Bluebird Marine Systems

Autonomous - World Record Attempts:  SCOUT ASV 2013

AUVSI - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Int.

Aviation Authorities - FAA, CAA, MAA


Batteries, Lithium Ion, Polymer - Exchange refueling

BE4 - Ecostar electric sports car DC 50 cartridge versatility

Bill Smith - K7 salvage and restoration project

Biology - Marine biologists, micro-biology

Bismarck - Germany, WWII Battleship

Bloodhound - Richard Noble's 1000 mph SSC

Blue Bird Corporation - Freight forwarders, Italy

Blue Bird Corporation - School bus manufacturer USA

BlueBird - Traders - Shipping India- Napier, Rolls Royce

Bluebird blue bird trademarks - logos - boat history

Bluebird boats - K3 - K4 - K7 - CMN8 - K7 Jet Model

Bluebird Care - Corgi die cast models CN7

Bluebird Express - Tractor pulling championships

Bluebird Store, Montana, USA - Island, Surrey

Blue birds of the world - Marine Corp - Restoration

Bluebird Automotive - Toffee - Coaches - Cafe - Glider

Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd - Company Information

Bluebird Yacht Association - Victoria, Australia

Bluefish plc - Communications - Vodafone Group plc

Blue Growth - Horizon 2020 calls 2015

Blue Ribband - The Atlantic speed record - Rowing

Bluebird Technologies - dissolved

Blueplanet Ecostar WLSR Electric Car

BMG - Birtles Music Group, Sony RCA - Bluebird

Boats: Jetstar, electric - repairs

Bonneville - Cars & Drivers - Salt Flats, Utah

Boyan Slat - Ocean Cleanup Project, Indiegogo

Brigitte Bardot - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Britannic - Sinking by U Boat mine

British Electric Land Speed Record 2012

British Land Speed Record - Outright

British Marine Federation

Brooklands - Banked racing circuit & Museum

Budweiser Rocket Car - WLSR

Bunker fuels, heavy oil, diesel and coal

CARB - California air resources board

Campbell at Coniston DVD

Cannonball EV Run event rules - History - India

Caribbean Storms - Arthur - Sea

Castrol - Lord Wakefield

Channel, The English, La Manche - Blue growth - Pollution

Chargers - battery management

Circular Economy - Recycling and sustainability EU targets

Classic speedboats on Youtube

Climate Change apathy and rising CO2 levels

CN7 jet car - Campbell-Norris LSR 4x4

COLREGS - Prevention of Collision at Sea Regulations

Computers - Arduino Beaglebone PICAXE Raspberry

Contacts - Email, phone and postal addresses

Coral Sea - Coast of Western Australia

Corby Council, Midlands E vehicle charging infrastructure

Costa Concordia - Marine salvage operation Giglio, Italy

Craig Breedlove - Spirit of America

Critical Infrastructure - Homeland security

Cruise missiles - Intermediate range nuclear weapons

Crusader - Jet powered water speed record boat

Darwin to Adelaide - Cannonball EV Rally Australia

Daytona Beach, Florida, US race track

Delft Technology University TU - Netherlands

Denmark - Aiming for zero carbon transport for 2050

Devonshire - EV Project - William Cavendish 7th Duke

Docking in busy harbours autonomously

Dolphins - US Navy to replace with robots - Winter

Donald Campbell - Charity Auction - Suicide

Donald Campbell CBE - 50th anniversary Lake Eyre

Donald Wales - Grandson Malcolm Campbell - Joe Wales

Dongfeng - Volvo Ocean Race 2014

DPRTE - MOD defence procurement contracts

Drayson, Lord - British electric LSR attempt 2013

Drones - ROV / UUV automatic launch & retrieval system 

DSTL - CDE - Collaborative Research 2014/5

Dyson - Sir James - River plastic cleaning barge

E-Navigation revolution ECDIS conference 2013

Electric Boats - Cars, Airplanes

Europe - Enterprise, Environmental monitoring system

European Wind Energy Association - EWEA

Fisheries - IFCA, Inshore Conservation Authority

Flatfire - Ron Main - Ford Engine

Flettner Rotors - Monorotor wind assisted ship propulsion

Formula E - Circuit road racing for electric vehicles

Formula E - Instant pit stop recharging system

France - La Rochelle, Nice

Francis Joyon - Friendship route: Bordeaux to Rio de Janiero

French Navy - La Royale Marine Nationale

Fuel Cells - Versatile instant energy transfers for EVs

Gar Wood - Miss America

Geneva Convention - Rules of Engagement

Gerard d'Aboville - rowing adventure, sailor

Gerald Ford - Class aircraft carriers,

Gary Gabelich & Tom Daniel

Gilbert Islands - Pacific Ocean

Global Combat Ship - Type 26 frigate BAE Systems

Global Ocean CommissionSpeech by Prince Charles

Goldenrod - Summer brothers

Goodwood - Racing circuit, Sussex, England

Google - Driverless car

Great North Pacific Garbage Patch

Greenpeace - Environmental Advocacy v Piracy

Greenway - Slovakia's EV (vans) service stations

GRP - Fibreglass - mobile boat repair service

Guinness World Records - Solar boats

Gulf of Mexico - Deepwater Horizon

Heather Spurle - Water Speed Record

Hawaii - Solar boat race - University - OTEC

Henry Segrave - Land speed record

Heritage Lottery Fund - K7 Ebay sell off

History - The blue bird of happiness, Maurice Maeterlinck

HMS Daring - Destroyers and Frigates

HMS Sussex - Treasure gold laden shipwreck 1694

Honolulu Harbor - Sand Island

HRH Prince of Wales - Speech Washington DC

Horizon 2020 - EU Research Zero EV DSTL TSB 7-11-13

Horizon Magazine - European Commission

Humpback whales- Kulo Luna anti whaling chapter

Hydrofoils - Vessels that use wings to fly in water

Hydrogen economy - Fuel cells

IHO - International Hydrographic Organization

IMO - International Maritime Organization

Indian Motorcycles - World's Fastest - Anthony Hopkins

Indian Navy INS Sindhurakshak

Indian Ocean -

Inmarsat - Marine Broadband

International Windship Association

Iran-Iraq War - USS Stark, Exocet missiles

Iridium - Marine satellite comms

Italy - Coast Guard & Navy

iXblue - Navigation and oceanographic instruments

James Cameron - Deepsea Challenge 3D

JCB Dieselmax - Andy Green

Jet boat records - water speed

John Campbell - Fastest Bexhill dash

John Cobb - A brilliant designer

K3 - Rolls Royce Merlin Water Speed Record - Blue Ocean

K7 jet hydroplane Water Speed Records - K777 - Models

K7 Project - Barmera, Australia - UK restoration

Ken Norris - Jetstar partnership

Ken Warby - Spirit of Australia

Kevin Costner - Oil spill vacuum cleaner

Killer Whales - Orcas- Luna

KISS - Good design begins here

Kit cars - body and chassis kits for DIY electric motoring

Lake Dumbleyung & Lake Eyre - Australia - Lakeland Museum

Land speed records - LSR

Lasers - Directed Energy Weapons DEWs - model lasers

Legend - The making of a - Heraldic symbols

Leo Villa - Mechanic to Malcolm & Donald Campbell

Lifeboats - Safety and rescue equipment at sea

Links page - An information resource

Littoral combat vessels - Homeland security & sovereignty

Liquified natural gas - LNG

London - River Thames

Lord Montague - Beaulieu, National Motor Museum

Luna the killer whale - Documentary drama, Orcas

Lusitania - Sinking by Torpedo submarine U20 WWI

Malcolm Campbell Heritage Trust

Malcolm Campbell's scrapbook auction - Heritage Trust

Marine Biology Associations

Maritime Australia Limited - Pacific 2013

MARPOL - International Shipping Convention

Martin Rees - Project Director

MAS - Maritime Autonomous Systems

MCA - Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Meccano - Bluebird models

Mediterranean Sea - Sail the seven seas

Michelin - Bibendum Challenge

Mines - Defenses and countermeasures - US Navy progress

Miss Bardahl - Roll-Royce Merlin powered hydroplane

MonaLisa - marine traffic control

MotoExpo - National Motor Museum sustainable event

Motors: electric, AC, DC

Msubs - Underwater unmanned vessels UUVs -submarines

National Geographic - magazine - World Ocean Summit

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Nautilus Mineral Inc - Deep sea mining company

Naval Oceanographic Office - US Military Sealift Command

Naval Studies Board - USVs

NAVSEA - Naval Sea Systems Command

NEC - Smart charging infrastructure for EVs

NERC - National Environmental Research Council

Newcastle University - Advanced & high speed craft

Nigel Macknight - Quicksilver

Nikola Tesla - Inventor of the radio controlled boat 1898

Nimitz class aircraft carrier

Nisshin Maru - Institute of Cetacean Research, Japan

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOC - National Oceanography Centre

NORAD - North American Aerospace Defense Command

North Sea - Oil

Nuclear - Submarine losses

Ocean Business 2013, NOC, Southampton

Oceanography International China 2013 - London 2014

Oceanographic research - Solar powered ship

Offshore wind energy - Turbines installation surveys

Oil exploration - Sustainability - Oil spill cleanup robot

Operation Ocean Shield

Pacific Ocean - 

Pakistan - Navy

Paris, France - River Seine, visit PlanetSolar 2013

Parry Thomas - Babs - Pendine Sands

Patents, Designs, Technology transfer - Italian Eco propulsion

Patents - Autonomous vessels - EV Instant Recharging

PAYD - Pay As You Drive - lowering EV motoring costs

Pirates - Nagasaki, Japan - Maersk Alabama hijacking

PlanetSolar Turanor - Canary Wharf, London 30-8-13

Plastic - Ocean Friendly

Plastic pollution - Ocean gyres 

Plymouth and Portsmouth Universities

Ports - Autonomous unmanned docking

Procurement fraud - Identification & prevention

Qatar Emri Naval Forces

Queen Elizabeth HRH - Class aircraft carrier

Railton Mobil Special - IC LSR


RCA Victor Group - Bluebird Music

Reid Railton - Vehicle design engineer

Richard Noble - Thrust 2 - Thrust SSC

Rickshaw - solar powered electric design study

Rio de Janeiro - PlanetSolar Saharan dust study, Brazil

RN MASTT - Autonomous unmanned trials team

Roads, highways and motorways

Robot (the) and the Blue Bird by David Lucas

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine - Marine, ship design & systems

Rolls Royce yacht concept - Autonomous shipping

Rover Metro - EV conversion

ROVs - drones - UUVs - Robot launching & recovery

Royal Australian Navy - Royal Norwegian Navy

Ruskin Museum - Coniston home of the K7

Sailing Ships

SAM - Surface to Air Missiles in the Naval arena

SCAT - Southern California Timing Association

Scilly Isles - 

Schneider Trophy - Sea Planes

Sea Shepherd - Anti whaling conservation group

Seawolf - Autonomous submarine countermeasures, SeaNet

Seawork - Maritime exhibition 2013 - 2014

Seoul National University - College Naval Architecture

Shai Agassi - Better Place EV service forecourts

Sharks - Attacks

Shell - Eco Marathon

Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers Association

Siemens - Segula Matra Technologies EV motors

Sir Malcolm Campbell

Sir Terence Conran - Bluebird Store, London

Slo mo shun - WSR hydroplane

Smart energy harvesting management technology

Solar Service Stations - Clean energy harvesting

SOLAS - International Convention Safety at Sea

Soliloquy - Eco superyacht

Solomon Islands - Makiri, Santa Cruz, Pacific Ocean

Soton - University of Southampton

South China Sea

Southern Queen - Restoration project

Spirit of America, 1, 2 - Craig Breedlove

Spirit of Texas - David Kirkland Racing

SPOT - Satellite global tracking system

Star Trek - USS bluebird star ship

Steam - Car Records - Ships

Steve Holter - Leap Into Legend

Stirling Moss - Racing driver

Storage - Energy mass storage devices, Bluebird technology

Submarines - Nuclear lost - HKs - Leidos anti-sub ACTUV

Submersibles - Deep sea exploration

Suparprice - UK CO online store Amazon

SWASH - Small Waterplane Area Single Hulls

SWATH - Small Waterplane Area Twin Hulls

Swedish Navy - Cold War submarine hunt

Tank Testing - Small scale closed loop concept

Tesla - EV battery exchange system 90 second recharging

The Clean Oceans Project - California

Thunderbolt - George Eyston - Speed of the Wind

Titanic II - Clive Palmer & Blue Star Line

Tonia Bern-Campbell - Singer, actress and author

Torpedoes - Anti shipping & submarines

Toyota - Solid state EV battery technology

Trademarks - IP - Registration history

Trade Winds - Atlantic rowing event - Blue Riband

TRANSAS - Navigation instruments, ECDIS charts

Transport (Road) Research Laboratory UK

Treasure Hunters - Archaeological quest - Pirates chest

Trieste Bathyscaphe - Deepest dive Mariana Trench

Trim Tabs - Humphree ATOS

Trimaran - BGV Giles Vaton - Carbon neutral megayacht

Turanor PlanetSolar - Venice, Adriatic

Turbinator - Don Vesco

TU Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Typhoons - Haiyan

U Boats - German wartime submarines

UAS - Unmanned aerial vehicles and systems - UAV

UKHO - United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

UK Marine Industries Alliance

UK NEST - Naval Engineering Science & Technology

UN - United Nations international organisation

Universal Energy Cartridge - Sustainable transport

Universite de Geneve - Planetsolar Deepwater Expedition

University of Brighton - Green growth platform

University of California, Santa Barbara, NCEAS 

University: Cranfield - Strathclyde - The South Pacific, Fiji

US Energy Department $50 million EV fund March 2013

US Naval Studies Research Committee USVs

USS Bluebird ASR-19 - Submarine rescue ship

USS Bluebird AMS-121 - Minesweeper

USS Bluefish (SS-222) - WWII submarine - SSN-675 Nuke

USS Cole - Al-Qaeda attack prompts Swarm Drones

USS Flying Fish US Navy nuclear submarine

USS Guardian - Minesweeper shipwreck Philippines

USS Seawolf - Most expensive US submarine

USS Nautilus - 1st nuclear submarine & North Pole transit

USS Virginia

VSAT - Consilium Marine Services and Orange

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association

Vampire jet powered dragster BLSR

Vera Lynn, Dame - Bluebirds over white cliffs Dover

Vetas Sailrocket

Wargaming - Naval model combat clubs - Society Rules & Links

Water speed records - WWSR - Tank testing

WAVE - Paris to Prague - India

Wave energy - power generation

Wave powered boats and ships - Foils Horizon 2020

Welcome Page - A little about us

Whaling - Illegal hunting

White Triplex LSR car - Ray Keech

Wind powered ships - Renewable energy research FP7

Wind tunnel testing - desktop unit concept

Wind turbines - SeaVax model development

Wingfoot Express - Tom Green & Walt Arfons

Wolfgang Flatow - Eco inventor

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - Alvin

World Electric Water Speed Records - 

World Health Organization - WHO



Unreported fishing activities are illegal


UNREPORTED FISHING - With the power of global logistics, it is possible to enjoy fresh lobster, fish, shrimp, and other delicacies of the deep in a restaurant thousands of miles from the nearest coast. These days eco-conscious consumers increasingly want to know where their food originated and whether it was harvested in an environmentally sustainable fashion. Seafood is a luxury for some, more than one billion people around the world rely on the oceans for their daily nutritional intake. Worldwide, an average of 17 kilograms (kg) of seafood is consumed per person annually, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), making marine wild-capture fisheries one of the most important human food and protein sources. However, ocean stocks are being depleted rapidly due to poor management and overfishing. Globally, more than 30% of fishery catches are illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU). Black-market IUU activities undermine the economic and environmental sustainability of global fisheries and impact all countries.





PLASTIC FISHING NETS - Turtles are regular casualties of fishing nets and plastic shopping bags that resemble one of their main meals: jellyfish. The single greatest threat to most sea turtles is fishing gear. Hundreds of thousands of turtles are accidentally caught by gillnets, shrimp trawl nets and on longline hooks each year. Endangered loggerheads, green turtles and leatherbacks are especially vulnerable. BMS is working to reduce this threat by raising awareness through education and by developing the robots that can suck up fishing nets and shred them, without harming turtles.





SHARK CULLING WITH NETS - Shark nets, also called beach meshing programs or beach protection programs, are essentially a form of shark fishing while supposedly providing bather protection. Shark control programs have been utilized in several places, including New South Wales and Queensland, Australia and KwaZulu Natal (KZN), South Africa.


Along Hong Kong beaches, the nets are designed to keep bathers separated from the sharks, a very expensive system to maintain. The controversy is whether shark control in any form is justified in a wild area where humans choose to enter while some believe it should be a case of “swim at your own risk”. The Natal Sharks Board (NSB), responsible for the nets in South Africa, believes that the nets have done a remarkably good job protecting bathers. The catch of this ‘fishery’ in KZN alone includes great white sharks (protected in South Africa since 1991), tiger sharks, hammerheads, turtles, dolphins, and rays, among other sealife and bycatch. The nets are a culling program, not a barrier intended to keep sharks away from bathers, as 35% of sharks caught in the net are headed off shore.




GOT THE HUMP - More than 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises die every year as a result of being caught in fishing gear and nets. This 'bycatch', as it is known, is the single biggest killer of whales, dolphins and porpoises in all the oceans across the globe. It also causes horrific injuries. This needs to stop. WDC is working with fishermen to bring about simple changes to fishing practices that can make a real difference. Fishing nets and gear are the biggest killer of whales and dolphins across the world. There is no ocean where this is not a serious issue, and it puts already threatened species in more danger.

When trapped, these animals can either experience a long and slow death through lack of oxygen or suffer great distress as they struggle to escape. In the struggle they can sustain injuries from cuts down to the bone, broken jaws, amputations and fractures, and those that do escape often live short and painful lives before slowly dying as a result of their injuries. It is thought that 275,000 to 470,000 whales and dolphins per year were caught in nets and fishing gear worldwide during the early 1990s





FUR BAGS - Fur seals and sea otters suffer significantly from single use plastic bags from supermarkets and other retailers. Studies in the Pribilof Islands have found that a significant number of fur seals become entangled in marine debris, mainly pieces of trawl net, plastic packing bands and loops of synthetic or natural twine. Juvenile males appear to have a significantly higher rate of entanglement than adult males and females. Mortality from entanglement may have been a contributing factor in the decline of the Pribilof Islands population in the 1970s and early 1980s, but this source of mortality decreased in the late 1980s and early 1990s and is now at about half the rate observed during the decline. The waters off the Russian Sakhalin Island in the Okhotsk Sea are about to be opened to massive oil and gas development, and that tanker traffic and the extreme weather conditions in the area may lead to a major spill, affecting the important Northern fur seal breeding site on nearby Tyuleniy Island. Oil exploitation elsewhere in the species' range may also result in disturbance or pollution.











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